The Museum,  located in the old Enterprise Railroad Depot directly behind the Gift Shop and Library, is
a treasure trove of artifacts from the late nineteenth century until the present. Its collection includes
period garments, agricultural implements, furniture, and weaponry. It is the ideal site to become acquainted
with the culture of the Pea River region of Alabama. The building itself is of historic importance.

The Museum is open to all, but it especially welcomes school groups and other who are trying to learn
the history of Alabama and its Pea River Region.

Tour the Museum

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photograph to
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The Depot was built in 1903, and has served as the Society's Museum since 19 74.

The Museum displays
thousands of items of historic

The old spinning wheel.

The original statue that
was once atop the Boll
Weevil Monument.

This bell served Clintonville
Academy, chartered in 1860,
the first school in the county
to teach beyond 6th grade.

An old mill wheel from
the gristmill in Roeton,
originally built by the
Prestwood family.

Uniforms from America's
wars are on display.

Old medical tools and memorabilia contributed by
noted Coffee County doctors.

A painting of Fleming Sanitarium, the first hospital in Coffee County.

Old bottles of medicine
represent remedies used by our ancestors.

The Museum has an extensive
collection of farm equipment and tools from days gone by.

... and much more!